Seasoned Firewood

seasoned wood

The process of seasoning wood ensures that when burned it will be to its full potential. Moisture content & the type of wood are key factors in the weight, performance & cost of the logs. Seasoned firewood carries less moisture and burns far better than unseasoned wood, which carries around 50% moisture. If the wood is not seasoned properly, energy is wasted boiling off the moisture. Our air dried hardwood logs are guaranteed to below an average of 25% moisture content while we aim for below 20%. Our softwood and kiln dried logs will always be below 20%.  All our logs are sold ready to burn and great quality. At Borders Firewood every effort is made to ensure that burning wood is both financially rewarding and a pleasurable experience. We’ll never sell a bag that hasn’t been checked with a moisture meter, so you can rely on us every time.

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