Our Pricing and Delivery

Pricing and Delivery

We feel it’s important to have no hidden charges, variable delivery charges or any cause for confusion. The prices listed are the maximum you will have to pay to get the product you want delivered to your door.

All prices also include the VAT which is charged at 5%, so the prices you see, are the prices you pay.

While we try and keep our prices to a minimum it helps a great deal if as much notice as possible is given for orders. Allowing for more efficient planning of delivery runs to each area. We’ll nearly always make deliveries within a week but please be understanding, particularly with smaller orders, that we will need to tie the delivery in with other orders.

Stacking service
If you would like the logs you have delivered stacked in your log store we would be happy to do so for as little as £15 for a bulk bag. Trolley bags and netted bags can be stacked free of charge.

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