Hardwood or Softwood

There are a few differences between Hardwood and Softwood but both, when properly seasoned can be ideal fuel for your fire or stove. The calorific value per tonne is almost identical, however hardwoods are denser so there will be 25% more burning in a hardwood log. Softwood is much easier to light and burns quickly with intense heat, whereas hardwood burns more steadily and for a longer period of time. Unseasoned logs of any sort can result in a more rapid build up of soot or creosote meaning the need for more regular visits from your chimney sweep. Softwood can be particularly damaging as it is acidic because of this it should never be burnt above 20% moisture. This will ensure the combustion of all resins and a clean burn. Hardwood will burn cleanly below 25% moisture although we do aim to get our hardwood below 20% too.

We take the drying of our logs extremely seriously. Every bag is tested with a moisture meter before it leaves our yard to make sure you get great burning logs every time.

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