Firewood Bag Types and Sizes

When shopping for firewood always be sure to check the volume against the price. We never sell by weight as the drier the product the lighter it is meaning weight is rarely a good indication of value. Our range of bags are aimed at providing an option for every price range and to suit the individual needs of our customers.

Our bags are vented on all sides to ensure air can circulate around the logs during storage, significantly speeding up the drying process. The bags can be left for you to use for storage although we would strongly recommend that you put a cover over the top to keep them dry. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have over the phone or by email.

We now charge for bags as part of our bags 4 life scheme, however this charge does not apply if you are returning one of our bags or would just like the bag tipped and we’ll also still give you kindling for any returned bags.

We now have three sizes of firewood bags on offer in our log store. These are:

METRE bags (previously known as Extra Large Bulk Bag)
These are the largest firewood bags we have on offer, measuring at a cubic metre (1m long x 1m wide x 1m tall)
In our log store, we offer Metre bags containing Hardwood 1sts, Kiln Dried Hardwood, Hardwood 2nds or Softwood. You can now also get Hardwood and Softwood small cut logs for those with small stoves. Bags 4 Life – These bags cost £7.50 more if you are not returning a bag.

HALF Bags (previously known as Dumpy Bag)
We have added a smaller bulk bag to our range. These bags are 80cmx80cmx80cm with a volume of just over half a cubic metre. They offer a more manageable and manoeuvrable option than our Metre bags. Bags 4 Life – These bags cost £5.50 more if you are not returning a bag.

QUART Bags (previously know as Trolley Bag)
Our Quart bags are designed to provide a more maneuverable quantity of wood, for the occasional user or for those without the space or facility to house our larger bags. The Quart bags external measurements are 50cm x 50cm x 90cm and are offered in both Hardwood and Softwood varieties. The full range can be found here in the trolley bags section of our log store. Bags 4 Life – These bags cost £3.50 more if you are not returning a bag.

Our kindling is softwood for two main reasons. First, it is easy to light and second, because the intense heat generated from softwood kindling is perfect for igniting hardwood or softwood logs, or other fuels such as coal or peat. We sell two grades of kindling, 1sts and 2nds which can both be found in the kindling section of our shop.

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