Traditional Spaltaxt (Local Delivery Only)




13582 Traditional Spaltaxt

The Spaltaxt is a German-style splitting axe with a dual-wedge head design that delivers highly effective strikes for increased splitting efficiency. Each piece is handcrafted by Helko’s Master Smiths with over 170 years of expertise. Once the smith is satisfied with his work, the Helko crown logo is hammered into the head. No supplementary work, such as grinding, buffing, or painting is performed, thereby allowing each blade to proudly display its forging marks. As no two pieces are exactly alike, each axe is truly unique.

The axe is 80cm and weighs 2.6Kg
• + Handmade in Germany by Helko’s Master Smiths
• + German C45 high grade carbon steel
• + Handle is hand crafted in Switzerland from sustainably sourced and FSC certified American hickory
• + Handle is individually selected for grain orientation and density
• + Handle is coated with boiled linseed oil
• + Features the Helko crown logo
• + Wooden wedge with additional steel ring wedge
• + Open die drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened


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