Larch Logs





The price now includes the cost of the net bag at £7.50 as part of our Bags 4 Life scheme. If you have a bag to return or just want the bag tipped out and don’t need the bag just type Bag4LifeM into the coupon tab when you place your order and you will be discounted £7.50.

Our Larch logs are the perfect option for wood burning or multifuel stoves. Cut to around 9 inches the logs will fit 95% of stoves. These logs are easily lit and give off a really good heat. Larch is softwood but a great firewood and has a better heat output than many hardwoods, it is also plentiful locally so a great option for sustainability. It is however prone to spit so not ideal for open fires but a highly recommended product for all stoves. There may also be some Scots pine logs which have very similar qualities so are often graded together when felling takes place.

f you don’t want to keep the bag we can tip the bag for you and apply the Bag 4 Life discount. If you’d rather have the logs delivered in the bag you pay the full amount but keep a hold of the bag and we’ll give your discount on your next order.


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