Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

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Harwood 1sts cubic meter

Our Kiln dried XL bulk bags of Mixed hardwood are dried in our own kiln to the very highest standards, guaranteed fantastic burning logs every time. Each log is between 20cm and 25cm ensuring suitability for almost all stoves. The logs are guaranteed to have a moisture content well below the industry standard of 20%.




Harwood 1sts cubic meter


The price now includes the cost of the net bag at £7.50 as part of our Bags 4 Life scheme. If you have a bag to return or just want the bag tipped out and don’t need the bag just type Bag4LifeM into the coupon tab when you place your order and you will be discounted £7.50.

The Kiln dried Metre bag of Hardwood is the same mixture of wood and log size (around 9inches) as our best selling Air dried Metre bag. Only drier. The bags are left in our own biomass heated kiln until well below the industry standard of 20% moisture content. You won’t get drier logs anywhere.

If you don’t want to keep the bag we can tip the bag for you and apply the Bag 4 Life discount. If you’d rather have the logs delivered in the bag you pay the full amount but keep a hold of the bag and we’ll give your discount on your next order.


1 review for Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

  1. Craig Simpson (verified owner)

    Andys customer service and knowlege of all the different fire woods that he supplies is excellent. He never lets you down on a delivery time as well as placing the meter bags out of the rain and into our garage untill I have a chance to stack them.

    Really good mixed bag of wood, very clean burning too.

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