Stacked crate of Kiln Dried Ash logs




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Our 1m3 crates of stacked Kiln dried ash logs offers the very highest quality of logs. Ash logs are widely regarded as the very best for firewood, while easily lit the also give great heat and a long burn. The logs are guaranteed to have an average moisture content below 20% and are cut to approximately 25cm so will fit 95% of stoves. The crates measure 110cm x 115cm x 80cm with four rows of carefully stacked logs offering a ready made storage solution. We also now have stock of some narrower taller crates but the volume is always the same. The crates are unloaded using a small crane with a 3 meter reach but if you would like the crate right at the back of your garage please let us know in advance so we can bring our pallet trolley. Many thanks


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