Hardwood Metre bag Small logs



The price now includes the cost of the net bag at £7.50 as part of our Bags 4 Life scheme. If you have a bag to return or just want the bag tipped out and don’t need the bag just type Bag4LifeM into the coupon tab when you place your order and you will be discounted £7.50.

The same bags and volume as our best selling Hardwood 1sts just cut shorter to suit those with small stoves. The logs are cut between 6-7 inches in length to fit the increasingly popular stoves of 5KW and below. Our small logs are slightly more expensive due to the additional time it takes to process the shorter logs but they also fit more tightly into the bag so you will get a little more firewood too.

Our Metre bags, previously known as our XL bulk bags, measure 1m x 1m x 1m. These are our largest bags, offering a large quantity of logs and real value for money. Each bag is individually tested using a moisture meter to ensure only top quality firewood leaves our yard. Our price includes delivery with no hidden charges.

A great quality product guaranteed to be seasoned and ready to burn. We can also Kiln dry the small logs on request for an additional £10.

If you don’t want to keep the bag we can tip the bag for you and give you a free bag of kindling. Alternatively keep a hold of the bag and we’ll give you a free bag of kindling with your next order. We can also stack your logs neatly in your log store for £20 a bag, please let us know in advance if you’d like to take advantage of this service so we can allow time between deliveries.


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