Decorative Bark Bulk Bag



Our Bulk Bags of Bark offer a decorative solution for suppressing weeds and enhancing your garden space. Application will help the soil retain its moisture and protect against erosion and loss of nutrients. It will also protect your plants in extreme temperatures.

The Bark is an entirely natural and sustainable product with a pleasing pine aroma. The Bark is delivered in bulk bags (80cm x 80cm x 80cm) and off loaded using a small crane. While we will do our best to get the bags where you want them they cannot be manually handled.


Product Specifications

  • Produced from mixed conifer bark, predominantly spruce
  • Graded by dedicated chipping, milling and screening operations to remove 0-8mm fines and oversize +35mm
  • Over 90% of the particles fall within the range of 8-35mm
  • Contains minimal white wood content no greater than 15% (by mass)
  • Moisture content in the region of 45-60% (green weight basis), subject to seasonal variations
  • The weight/volume ratio (bulk density) is normally in the range of 250-350Kg/m3
  • The pH range is between 4.5 and 5.5
  • Manufactured from materials sourced 100% within the British Isles, thus completely free of any trace of methyl bromide contamination
  • All practical measures are taken to remove foreign matter such as metal, glass, plastic and any other extraneous materials
  • Mid brown in colour with a mild odour Durable, long lasting and free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds

Please note: Due to the nature of this product and the screening process utilised, oversize pieces of wood may occur. However, these can easily be removed at the time of installation.


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