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11441 Classic Journeyman

The Classic Journeyman is Helko’s solution to the quest for the ultimate wilderness pack axe. A cross between a hatchet and conventional axe, this pack axe is designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry while trekking through the wilderness. The weight and length allow for either one or two handed use, and it is equally capable of both cutting and splitting work. The Journeyman is the perfect all-purpose companion for the backpacker, camper, or woodsman.
The head is ground and polished to a mirror finish which reduces friction while cutting and improves rust resistance. The butt end, opposite to the blade, can be used for light hammering and is perfect for striking in tent stakes.

The axe is 50cm and 900 grams
• + Made in Germany
• + German C45 high grade carbon steel
• + Head is polished to a mirror finish
• + Handle is hand crafted in Switzerland from sustainably sourced and FSC certified American hickory
• + Handle is individually selected for grain orientation and density
• + Lightly lacquered handle
• + Wooden wedge with additional steel ring wedge
• + Drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened


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